Got a lot of Thanksgiving leftovers??

SO I normally  struggle with turning “leftovers” into something new for my picky husband who wont touch 99% of food if he’s already seen it once before….forget even trying to heat it up in the microwave!  The 1% of the time I am successful in re-introducing a meal that came from Tupperware or zip lock baggies in the fridge is because I managed to get creative with it and serve the leftovers as something new. Thanks to a very fruitful holiday feast I have a fridge full of wonderful leftovers and my usual problem for meal selection has now become an even bigger challenge…

*R.I.P Oliver …my silly refrigerator-loving kitty*

I don’t know about you but I look on the internet a lot for recipes and I have a book shelf FULL of cook books, but sometimes it is overwhelming to try and scour through them all for one recipe.  Sometimes I find a really neat recipe but dont have all the ingredients or I have one that I would love to try, but I dont think the kids will eat it.  My goal is to feed my picky children and husband all together with the same meal. Such a challenge, I know.

Anyway, I thought I would compile some of the unique and yummy recipes I have found that involve using Thanksgiving leftovers….and share them with you. Enjoy!

**Click on the picture to take you to the website w the recipe***

Turkey Taco Soup

Turkey Salad

I seriously suggest finding a new name for this one….

Turkey Carcass?? Really?!

Yummy Turkey Tetrazzini!

Amazing Turkey Pot Pie

Turkey Turnovers and Cranberry Sauce Muffins!

Turkey Divan

Turkey and Rice Casserole

Here are a few recipes that unfortunately do not have pictures… I LOVE pictures with my recipes and am very hesitant to try cooking something new if I dont have a picture of the finished product atleast. Usually when searching online for recipes I will go as far as only choosing ones with step by step pictures! Im a wimp I know, but I dont have enough kitchen sense to assume I know what they mean when they say “mince” or “fold” or “golden”. Their idea of “small” may be very different than mine, so the outcome will be different. OR it’s just nice to have pictures throughout the process to follow along and know that you are doing it right. I may seem brave in the kitchen, but really I am not.  But anyway, IF you dont mind the lack of visual assistance, here are a couple nice looking recipes. (Maybe if you do try them you can fwd me a pic so I can try them too! lol)


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