A few goodies from the past…

kaelob- “Hey mommy…. how do mommies get babies out of their tummy?” Me-“Ummm….why are you asking this? ” K-“cuz i want to know…how do they come out?” Me-“They push them out.” ….silence…..K- “where do they come out of?? Just tell me… come on, I really want to know…where?? THeir butt?!?! Eeewww, just tell me mommy.” Me- “Ugh Kaelob, why do you even want to know this YOU are not going to have a baby, you aren’t going to BE a “mommy”…cant we just talk about something else?” Kaelob- “NO Mommy, I need to know because one day I will have a wife!!!” .. November 5th 2011

Haylee ” Hey mommy, guess what Hello Pocket bought you…” Me-“Polly Pocket.” H-“oh, guess what Holly Pocket bought you mommy.” Me-” POLLY Pocket, its P-O-L-L-Y pocket.” H-“Oh… Hey mommy, Can I just call her Holly Pocket? I mean, cuz its a “POLLY POCKET” but her name is Holly….. So guess what Holly Pocket got you mommy…” At least I don’t need to worry about her mindlessly following what’s popular in high school…November 8th, 2011

‎”MOMMY!! You said you were going to eat lunch and watch your show….but you’re not!! You sat down and started working on your computer and you just stare at it…you aren’t even looking at the TV!!! Its not fair! I want to watch a cartoon!!” … she got me. Darn child is far too clever …November 8th


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