Three years ago….

Three years ago today I lost my grandfather.  I had to watch him slowly loose functioning and breath his last breath. I can’t believe it has been that long already. I remember it like it was yesterday and yet I also feel as though it’s been ages since I last saw his face or heard his comforting voice.

Oh how I miss that man. He had an answer for every problem. He was my provider my father my best friend and my hero. I am blessed to have been raised by such an honorable honest man.


In honor of his death I will share a post I wrote a few days after he died back in 2011. I spent three weeks living down here caring for him 24-7. I collected some of my favorite Facebook posts from that time and posted them in one blog.♡the images are not showing up but you get the point. ..

I still miss him. But nothing compares to the way She must feel…
Thankfully she has no clue what the date was. She even wore his shirt that he is wearing in this picture today without even realizing it.

Alas… we must say goodbye.


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