Devil’s Flan :)

This sinful creation is a wonderful combination of devil’s food cake and flan…

I suppose this recipe would have been less intimidating my first time IF I had made flan before this experience…but I don’t seem to do things the easy way.  I was so confused reading the directions my friend had written down for me, trying to decipher how to put my bundt pan in a “water bath” while baking it the oven. (Note: If you don’t have a baking pan larger than 9×13, a disposable aluminum 9×13-inch pan will work since you can bend it to accommodate your bundt pan.)  In the end, two attempts later it turned out great! 🙂 The beautiful partnership between the flan and the devils food cake is so wonderful it’s hard to describe.  I have never been a huge fan of flan, but paired with the texture and richness of the chocolate cake it was amazing!  The caramel sauce was the cherry on top of perfection!  This dessert goes great with any Mexican themed dinner or party and is sure to win you a LOT of compliments at any pot luck!! More

Chicken Parmesan

Eric picked this dinner. I love getting his input on meals because he can be pretty picky when it comes to food and I enjoy cooking meals for him so much more when I know it’s something he is excited about…and this dinner was one of those meals.


Banana Nut Bread with a Lemon Cream Cheese Topping


SO I rummaged through my pantry, fridge and freezer desperate to make something fun and creative. I googled recipe’s until I came across two very different ones.  ONE was a banana muffin recipe that had a cream cheese topping that once baked was like frosting on a cupcake, I was sold.  The second recipe was a mixture of cranberries, lemon and coconut…. I dont like the texture of flaked coconut but was tempted to use this wonderfully tempting mixture in the hopes that if I used it in a bread mixture it would bake into the bread and I would be left with just the awesome flavor of coconut without the weird gritty crunch of the flakes…. One problem though, I didn’t have any cranberries. I did have a pinch of dried blueberries and a bag of frozen mixed berries.  I surfed around the internet some more and discovered that yes I can use frozen fruit in bread mix! Now that I had that issue settled I then had to figure out if I was going to make two separate batches or mix everything together and make some hybrid banana berry lemon coconut cream cheese bread….I compromised.


Cream Cheese Brownies

First and foremost…if you don’t like sweets or are too much of a health nut to drool anxiously at the sight of chunks of cream cheese in a heaping serving size of double chocolate brownie… More

Grilled Artichokes with a Creamy Champagne Vinaigrette

I got hooked into Food Network television today… Giada De Laurentiis captured my attention as she sliced open some lemons, tossed them in a pot of boiling water, added some artechoke quarters and then proceded to make a delicious looking bowl of dipping sauce made out of champagne vinaigrette!  I couldnt take my eyes off her!  She’s georgous to begin with, but when she brought out the long fancy bottle and popped the top off I was sold. More

French Onion Soup for Eric

My husband LOVES French Onion Soup. Any time we go to a restaurant for dinner and he sees French Onion Soup on the menu he gets all excited… it is similar to how he reacts when he sees Corned Beef and Hash on a breakfast menu. Well, for his homecoming/Friday night Gaming Geekfest he decided to serve a fancy meal! I quickly got the idea to make my own French Onion Soup as an “appetizer”. He loved the idea…so here we go!


Not for the OCD Chef

SO I think it’s funny that I am about to offer up the type of recipe that I loathe.

Well, not entirely.. I have a few pictures lol.  But the measurements will be: a little of this, a dash of that, handful of this, scoop of that…. its all based on your preference.  I can’t even tell you to base it on taste because I am that  crazy person who loves to cook but does not taste her food until it is done and ready to be served on a plate.  Odd I know, but somehow it works out just fine. Ill smell the pot on the stove or the food in the oven but I dont taste a thing until its all done.


Shredded Beef Enchiladas

So this is kind of like TWO Recipes in One because I use a taco recipe my grandmother passed down to me for the beef and then after shredding it I put it in the Enchilada Sauce… so if you just want tacos stop after the shredding of the meat.



Got a lot of Thanksgiving leftovers??

SO I normally  struggle with turning “leftovers” into something new for my picky husband who wont touch 99% of food if he’s already seen it once before….forget even trying to heat it up in the microwave!  The 1% of the time I am successful in re-introducing a meal that came from Tupperware or zip lock baggies in the fridge is because I managed to get creative with it and serve the leftovers as something new. Thanks to a very fruitful holiday feast I have a fridge full of wonderful leftovers and my usual problem for meal selection has now become an even bigger challenge… More

Zucchini, pear, banana, apple, whatever-you-want Bread

So I dont know about you, but my newest obsession in the kitchen is : BREAD.


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