News changes and updates!!

Well. The time has come for me to inform you [my loyal followers] that “a penny for your thoughts” blog is MoVING on up!!

Not only do I have my own personal “blog” page at

But we also started a business page at

So any of the fun stuff on the farm and recipes and crazy stories about the animals are gonna be on there!!

Please, if you’ve supported this lil ole blog for so long, hop on over and consider continuing to support me some more.

Thanks. ❤ ya!

Rabecca Ranaldi


Suzies “Farm”

Today we decided to finally get dressed and get ready at 930am to go down to Imperial Beach and check out Suzie’s Farm. Their second Saturday of the month tour was today, 10am. Yep, thirty minutes to get all the way down to the border… I was crossing my fingers that we didn’t show up and everyone would be gone. Out of my fear, I made a deal with the kids though that if that happened we would go to the zoo and still do something fun for all our travels. They were content with this deal. More