Kony 2012 at Sunday School!

SO today It felt good to be back in my classroom at church.  These kids are so amazing. They are full of energy and eager to learn. Some of their questions and comments throw me off guard and challenge me and I love it!  They are a smaller group this time of year and although I would love to see more kiddo’s walking through my door, I really enjoy the time I have to spend with each one of them right now.

For today’s lesson because we had a smaller group I didn’t do the outdoor game or the Bible exercise from the material, instead we pulled out our journals and did an exercise on the story of Jonah.  We discussed the story of Jonah as we played the video. They wrote a summary of the story and lessons God was teaching Jonah while drawing a cartoon type storyboard.  I know we have watched the veggie tales version of this story before but when I asked them who Jonah was this is what I got: More