News changes and updates!!

Well. The time has come for me to inform you [my loyal followers] that “a penny for your thoughts” blog is MoVING on up!!

Not only do I have my own personal “blog” page at

But we also started a business page at

So any of the fun stuff on the farm and recipes and crazy stories about the animals are gonna be on there!!

Please, if you’ve supported this lil ole blog for so long, hop on over and consider continuing to support me some more.

Thanks. ❤ ya!

Rabecca Ranaldi


An “Official” Guest Blogger Photo

So I’ve been writing a few things off and on with various blogs online  the last few months…  with a few possibilities and regular writing spots coming up here in the near future I thought it was time to take a few photos of ME, just me…

OH GOODNESS how I loathe taking photos of just me…

I know I know, its very clearly not that big of a deal when Im by myself holding an Iphone with a camera on it… when it’s just me and ME I can smile, flirt wink nod pose, fight and make love to the camera resulting in the perfect money shot, all in one… okay maybe not, but one would love to believe it right?? Too bad I cant turn in Iphone/instagram photos as modeling head shots or professional portfolio photos…

Anyway, getting that awkwardness out of the way… standing there in front of the photographer without a child to pose or ruffle to fluff, shirt to fix, face to clean, shoe to tie…. just me.  Here’s the outcome from a quick snippity snap of the day before getting to work on a nifty little Easter mini photo session set up for tomorrow’s festivities…




Much thanks to Bella Diva Photography

Guest Blogging World, HERE I COME!! … me and my little fancy photos 🙂