Gambling for a CURE!

Gambling for a CURE!

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Who do you honor today??


I Honor my grandfather, the late Clarence L. French.  ALthough he only spent a few years in active service for the Navy he spent the rest of his live devoted to the steel and shipbuilding indrusty engineering and improving the cost and process of producing ships for the Navy. his career as President of NASSCO (the west coast’s leading steel and shipbuilding company) he instituded many new policies and procedures that improved the industy creating a name for himself that was well respeted and honored, even to this day the people at NASSCO are honoring his service by dedicating a conference room with his memorabilia and accomplishments. He led the company as the eloquent honorable intelligent man that he was. I am priveledged to call him my grandfather and to have been raised and loved by him.

My grandfather’s career at NASSCO put many of today’s Navy ships in the water or kept them in the water. Not only did he run the company while a lot of these ships were in production but he continued to advise the military and government long after his “retirement”.  He spoke before Ronald Reagan and shook his hand, he gave a speech in the presence of the Prince of England then the following evening while attending a different event heard the Prince quote his own speech from the night before.  He has traveled the world dining with business men and their families from England, Japan, Greece, Thailand…. He has literally traveled the world for the company he devoted his life to. He may not have spent his life serving in the military in war or overseas, BUT he did dedicate many MANY years to improving and impacting the military forces through steel and ship building.