Survey for my Applied Research Paper: Please Help!

So those of you that know me, know I have been busting my butt trying to finish school this last year and a half.  With three wild kids and a husband who is always gone working this has not been easy, but here I am in the LAST WEEK of school preparing to receive my Bachelors Degree in Organizational Leadership, YAY!

But here’s the thing, one major hurdle is still standing in my way: the Applied Research Project.  I am writing about something that is near and dear to my heart and I would appreciate your participation.  Please share this post with your friends and family and anyone you know… the more responses I get the better my data will be.  I tried using survey monkey but felt it was stupid to pay a yearly or monthly subscription for something I only need to use once.  So I am hoping as my friends and peers, you wont mind hitting select all, copy, pasting and filling in your own answers… either as a comment on this blog or emailing me at (

Once you get past the general demographic questions MOST of your answers will simply be YES or NO. Please do not feel bad if many of your answer’s are NO, be honest. You are not expected to already know most of this information.
Thank you SO much for your participation.



Gambling for a CURE!

Gambling for a CURE!

Do you work at a business or know someone with connections to get some amazing (and completely appreciated) Auction Items for this years casino night??! Please consider it. I have been working my ass off the last 7 years with the San Diego Chapter PKD Foundation to find a cure for my family so my husband, and children do not ever have to see the day their kidneys look like this! I don’t have a kidney left to give(his father already got that lol), I just have my time and friends to support me…. EMAIL ME if you can help in ANY WAY!!

wine, beer, concert tickets, sports tickets, gift cards hand made items, paintings, photography, jewelry, theme parks, private tours/events…. just take a moment and ask yourself, how can you help??



SO I want to share  bit with you why I do what I do… More

Someone once asked me…

…what do you do every day?

To be honest I was caught off guard and couldn’t even think of how to explain my day at all. I sat there and thought… what the heck do I do all day??? I got angry because then it seemed like I just sat around with my feet up watching trash tv and sitting on facebook… that would be nice, but ya no…thats not my day.

Especially today. More

LIFE and Effective Time Management

So much has been going on lately I don’t even know where to begin. I literally have been unable to start this post and once I did It’s taken me three days to finish it…



What are the Odds?

I am baffled… Here are some statistics and facts Ive been coming across tonight:

According to Donate LIfe there are:

112,657 Patients Waiting for organ transplants

Yet Only 21,354 Organ Transplants were Performed in 2011 More


The gift of Living

The Gift of Living

11-Twas the night before the tenth of December

11-A day our family all will remember

12-My stress filled days of worry come down to this

12-Four hours in surgery I don’t want to miss


The Big Day

Written December 13th 2008…..

So i left my outlook contacts at home, so i apologize in advance for not having my hubby send out emails to notify most of you of my condition. however, i am chipper and sore lol.  i woke up from surgery feeling like id been forced to do 8thousand sit ups then knocked on my ass for a few wasnt unbarable but wasnt fun either.  but then again i was attached to a morphine PCA and wasnt quite awake from surgery.  I remember opening my eyes in the post-op area and it was so amusing to me because as a CNA i have worked in post op and cared for many post surgical patients.  none like me i am sure.  but let me back up a bit.



I am sad today.

I realized after stepping out of the shower that I am losing my scars.

Most people view scars negatively, but my scars represent something different.  My scars represent life, love and sacrifice.  My scar is nothing compared to his giant gash that runs the length of his abdomen…but they are my own.  They tell a story, they invite conversation and encourage awareness… they are my scars.


God Forbid….

God forbid my life end up in this manner, but it was brought to my attention that I should take a moment to look at my life a little differently; I believe the term was “realistically”.  Maybe I am still in denial, or my hope has blinded me… either way I struggle with accepting on a daily  basis the cold hard reality that one day(hopefully as long from now as possible) I will be a widow and single mother.